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McMichael's Compressor Station

The McMichael's Compressor Station project is located at the confluence of three gas pipelines. Our contract included clearing, erosion control measures and earthwork. The storm pond was located over the hardest rock on site, with more than 20 ft of rock to be removed. Given the proximity to gas lines, we were unable to blast and we often had 3 hoe-rams operating daily. It was an extremely wet season, and we were told we had the only pad completed on schedule that year!

McMichael's Compressor Station photo

  • ClientMarkWest
  • LocationIndependence Township, PA
  • Value$1,933,057
  • Highlights
    • Grade 21 AC Site
    • Strip and Stockpile 36,000 CY topsoil
    • Excavate and Place 128,400 CY Earth and Rock
    • Finegrade 56,700 SY Pad and Access Road

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