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Bethel Park High School

Following the completion of the new Bethel Park High School complex, we were contracted to demolish the existing school and surrounding buildings. The work was completed in 2 phases and accomplished during the active school year. Certain phases required the interruption of daily operations to accommodate the school buses and the safe transportation of the students through the site, to the new complex. Following contract award, the school district designated the project as a Green Globe project, which required 75% of recycled materials from the site. Our concrete crusher was also placed on site and the masonry materials were crushed on site. Our contract delivered 94% of applicable materials. Both phases were completed on time or ahead of schedule.

Bethel Park High School photo

  • ClientMascaro Construction Company
  • LocationBethel Park, PA
  • Value$1,200,000
  • Highlights
    • Demolition of eight (8) structures 320,000 SF
    • Removal of basement walls, footers and slabs
    • Removal of 120 foot stack
    • Crushed materials on site for fill
    • LEEDS Green Globe Project. Recycled 3,180 tons of metal materials

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